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Warranty Conditions:

  • Account does not violate system policy.
  • If the Proxy fails for a long time.
  • The proxy has an expiration date.
  • Requested Proxy duration must be on 3 day above.

Warranty Disclaimer:

  • Account violates the system's terms and policies
  • Having acts of fraud, vandalism, used for anti-political acts related to the politics of a country or many countries.
  • Account has been disabled or disputed by BQT.
  • Proxy has expired
  • The proxy has been authorized to someone else.

Maximum warranty period:

We apply a warranty within 30 days if there are any serious causes leading to the interruption of the member's use, we will add an additional period of time. Use time for the affected user's proxies or change to a new one if the user agrees to the requests made by the BQT party.

Time is added if any error occurs starting from 3 days to 30 days of use no matter how severe the effect is. We apologize to their people for interrupting the use and experience of our service for you.


This protocol was published by the IETF in RFC version 791 (September 1981), replacing RFC 760 (published January 1980). This protocol was also standardized by US Department of Defense in MIL-STD-1777 version.

What are the limitations of IPv4?

  • There is no security included in the design structure of the IPv4 address: The media that supports data encryption is also not built into IPv4. Therefore, traffic flows between Hosts are not secured, but security is common at the application level. Applying IPSec - a popular security method at the IP layer, the security of terminal traffic is limited.
  • Another limitation of IPv4 is the lack of address space: Since this version uses only 32 bits for addressing, its space is only 232 addresses. With the explosion of the internet, IPv4 address resources are gradually exhausted.

In order to overcome the limitations of IPv4 and bring new features to next-generation network operations, a new internet protocol has been researched and released. The new generation (6th generation IPv6) was born to overcome the disadvantages of its predecessor. IPv6 includes 128 bits, which is 4 times longer than IPv4 addresses.

Thus, IPv4 is internet protocol version 4 and also the first to be widely deployed globally.

IPv6 protocol developed by IETF and approved by the Internet Corporation for Domain Names and Numbers (ICANN), with the function of implementing a location system for computers, and routing traffic on Internet.

The History of IPv6

In the past, the IPv4 protocol held a "unique" role in the field of networking. The IPv4 protocol is defined as follows:

However, with the strong explosion of the "Internet revolution" has led to the risks of not ensuring network security as well as lack of access space. If no measures are taken to deal with it. timely management, the computer will not be able to connect to the network. Therefore, the need to upgrade and improve the protocol system has become urgent.

In the early 90s of the 20th century, IETF decided to develop a new protocol. This protocol was named IP Next Generation (IPng). By 1998, this protocol was officially standardized. successfully coded and approved by ICANN, allowed to be used in the market, and named IPv6 (RFC 1883).

The advent of IPv6 has solved the inadequacies in the internet system that IPv4 still lacks, thereby creating a leap forward in the digital age.

Advanced IPv6 over IPv4

Besides, IPv6 has other functions such as:

  • Increase security
  • Increased Routing
  • Much simpler to configure than IPv4.

What are the benefits of IPv6?

IPv6 is the most commonly used protocol today with many special benefits, including:

  • Expand the access space, with numbers up to 128 bits, corresponding to billions of access addresses.
  • The arrangement of the header format is more reasonably optimized, thereby helping to ensure more information security.
  • TCP/IP management made easier.
  • Routing capability, configuration is better and more stable than IPv4.
  • Better support for mobile devices.

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