Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions and Answers

Why use a proxy?

Change IP and DNS - You can hide your real IP address and DNS just by connecting a proxy.

Anonymous on the Internet - Use the Internet anonymously and securely, hide Internet activity from your provider.

Skip blocking - faq_10

Protection from hackers - Hacker attacks fall on our proxy server. Attackers won't be able to find out the real IP.

What's the difference between your proxy and a competitor's?

Our proxies are provided individually to each customer and are not shared.

We guarantee that you are the sole user of the IP addresses you purchase from us, which are also used solely for your purposes.
Our proxies can be used for various social networks without any restrictions.

Our proxies are located on servers that aren't overloaded, so they respond faster than our competitors' proxies, which is important for information gathering and filtering.

Account related questions and answers

Can I get a trial account before I buy?

Yes, but please contact support first.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept a lot of payments, please login your account and check it. Please contact us if you need more payment acceptance.

How many concurrent connections do you allow?

We allow up to 1000 concurrent connections.

How to renew proxy?

At the personal account page, click the Proxy List tab, select the proxy you need, click the Renew button and select the grace period and pay for the proxy you selected.

How to get the proxy list

At personal account page click Proxy List Click 'Export Data' Button and change number more than your proxy list. Wait for web page to load and at last page Click button 'Export data' and you can get your full proxy

Can I get a new, new proxy?

There are only two situations when we can refresh your proxy. First when the proxy doesn't work and it's our technical fault.
Contact us and We'll check and fix it Monday when you pay for your next period and want to replace the old proxy with the new one.

Refund money?

1 Day Money Back Guarantee, however this does not apply if we detect that you have used a proxy.
We offer refunds only in the event of an error (service not working), or slow/poor service performance with good cause.
If you think your proxies are not working properly, please contact our technical support. We will check and replace the proxies that are not working properly.

Is social media spam acceptable?

We do not sell proxies for spamming users because social networks have the best spam firewalls, banning accounts and making your work unnecessarily hard.
The management reserves the right to refuse the refund of payments if the reason for the return is 'SPAM'. Invites and likes are not SPAM.

  • For Shared IPv4 Proxy, no refund will be made!

Technical/Usage Manual

I can connect, but cannot browse.

HTTPs Proxy works perfectly with all browsers. With SOCKS5, some browsers don't work but works perfectly with curl and all software

Does this site or device work with ?

With Start, Standard plan and unlimited current support site and more you can check here.

What ports should be open on the firewall/route for it to work?

All ports open. Disable port 25. Gmail, yandex, Yahoo, outlook, hotmail, direct email or all websites allow.

What is the bandwidth limit?

Basically no limit, but we can't say that our service is unlimited.
We follow a fair use principle. After a period of testing, we were able to estimate enough average usage for our customers and keep our services at high level.
If we notice that you are using a lot of our bandwidth, we may turn off your service.

Why does the proxy only work in some sites?

We decided to only allow connections to specified sites due to the fact that they are the most desired service by our customers.
Also, we've done our best to optimize our proxies in these pages so you can get the best service possible online.
Also, we have very little chance of placing our reach on the spam list, so that only strengthens our proxy quality.

What is the IP and User Password for proxy authorization/authentication?

The IP for authentication is the IP address from which you will use our proxies (the ones you purchased).
So for example, if you use our proxy on your computer, you must provide your home IP.
If you use a proxy on a remote server, you must provide the IP of this server, etc.
This prevents anyone else from accessing your proxies, only someone with the provided IP can use them.
And if you have dynamic ip, please use username and password for proxy.

I verified the proxy in Scrapebox and they failed. Why?

Using Scrapebox for proxy verification, the program first sends a query to its servers by checking the level of anonymity.
For this reason, our proxy is marked as failed (code 403) because the Scrapebox server is not in the list of sites on which the proxy works.
But don't worry! They work well, you can use them to remove tons of direct links in your machine.
Please use a proxy checker our

What websites are IPV4 to IPv6 proxy suitable for?

IPv6 protocol proxy can only be used for sites that support IPv6 protocol, such as:,,, and other sites support IPv6.

What's the difference between IPv4 and IPv6 proxies? Which is better?

The main differences between current IPv4 and IPv6 proxies are as follows:

  • IPv4 supports all Internet sites while only some websites support IPv6 For example, Instagram and Facebook support IPv6 while Twitter and VKontakte do not support it.
  • IPv6 proxies cost much less than IPv4 proxies.
  • Currently, IPv6 proxies are less reliable for some work.

Why are IPv6 proxies less reliable:

It's easy to track IPv6 proxies for sites that use that protocol.
So if you use an IPv6 proxy and your actions are tracked, your trust rating on the website's database will drop.
That will limit the actions you can take on that website and your chances of getting banned for misuse of website functions are higher.

The real percentage of users using the IPv6 protocol for personal purposes (surfing the Internet, communicating with friends) is very low while the percentage of users using the IPv6 protocol for spamming purposes and monetization is very high (this is due to the cost of IPv6 proxies).
Conclusion: using IPv6 proxies for SPAM and monetization purposes will make your chances of getting IP banned very high.

Are IPv6 proxies suitable for parsing?

IPv6 proxies are not suitable for parsing wordstat and software such as keycollector because wordstat does not support the IPv6 protocol

What do IPv6 proxies look like?

IPv6 proxies are tunneled from IPv4 to IPv6.
Tunnel is used to help proxy receive soft properly. Sites don't see the tunnel, only IPv6 hides at the tunnel's gateway.
A unique individual IPv6 address is located at the gateway of each tunnel.

Example of IPv4 -

Example of IPv6 hidden behind the gate - ABCD:e12:3456:7890:ABCD:EF98:1234:6789

What is the speed of the proxy?

IP4: 10 Mbit/s
IP4 Shared: 10 Mbit/s
IP6: 30 Mbit/s

What are the formats of the proxy?

HTTPS and SOCKS5 formatted proxy. Almost supported by any software.
On your personal account page, you can easily convert the formats of the selected proxy from HTTPS to SOCKS5 and vice versa.

How anonymous are your proxies?

The service provides the best proxies with the ability to use HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols, each of which is completely anonymous.
Therefore, the final site won't be able to detect that you're accessing it using a proxy.

* It is also important to note that websites can detect that you are using a proxy not only by the proxy itself, but also by other parameters, such as flash usage, DNS, webrtc, etc.

How does authorization work?

Proxy authorization can be done using an account and password or or just using ip:port

How can I use SOCKS5 or HTTPs

You are trying to use SOCKSv5 with browsers. Neither of the popular browsers support password authentication for SOCKS5 (except Chrome, where it is only available if the proxy is configured under as a command line option, there is no way to configure authentication via the UI).
Use an HTTP 'proxy' with a browser, or use an authenticator that supports authentication. Sites that need to use https protocol other than http will return a 502 error

How can I use a proxy for Firefox

1. With HTTPs proxy type: go to -> Preferences -> Network Settings -> Select Connection Setting -> Manual Proxy Confiuartion. Set your proxy IP and port -> OK

2. With SOCKs5 Proxy Type: Firefox Addon Settings FoxyProxy -> Add Your Socks5 Proxy -> In Foxyproxy Settings Select Proxy Lass Added Like image demo.

How can I use a proxy for other apps

1.If your application supports HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies, you can easily add by ip and port or by username and password

2.If your app doesn't support it, install Proxifier and add using HTTP proxy.

How can I use a proxy for CURL

1. For using HTTPS Proxy:
curl -x http://username:[email protected]:5000/

2. For using SOCKS5 Proxy:
curl --socks5-hostname http://username:[email protected]:5000/

How can I change the Proxy Authentication Method

1. Login and login List of Proxy

2. Select the authentication method you want to change your proxy to

2. Select authentication method From the top menu (Function available when a proxy is selected)

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